Погода в Петропавловске-Камчатском
Государственный природный заповедник Корякский, ФГБУ

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Муниципальные районы


On the edge of the Earth, near the Northern border of the Peninsula Kamchatka there is the nature reserve "the Koryak" which is an area of wild nature – beautiful and unique in its tranquil charm. The reserve was established in 1995 and is not a single territory; it includes three different but trully beautiful places, the most beautiful places in the Koryak Autonomous area – Parapolsky Dol in the valley of the river Kuyul, Cape Goven on the Southeastern coast of the Koryak Autonomous area and the Bay Lavrov. Each part of the area is attractive in its own way. The total area of the reserve is 327 156 hectares, including 83 thousand hectares of marine waters of the Bering sea. The fauna of nature reserve "the Koryak" is very diverse. The vist card of the Cape Goven is brown bear. There are also predators a little smaller living in tundra, such as foxes, wolves, wolverines and lynx; their main prey is squirrels, white hares and the mouse. There are otters and American mink hunting along the creeks. The black-capped marmots create their own colonies on the tops of the hills. Here you can also find rare animals – moose and bighorn sheep. The Koryak highlands are inhabited by a separate subspecies of snow sheep which is endemic and exists only in our reserve. Cape Goven is a place of marine mammals inhabitation. There is a non-permanent rookery of sea lions. Here often come spotted seals or largha seals (common seals). Orcas and sometimes whales swim into the Bay Lavrov. The birds living here are different due to the peculiarities of location, landscape and climate of the reserve. You can hear the incessant chorus of Pacific gulls, kittiwakes, cormorants, Kamchatka terns, hatchets and large Pacific black guillemots. Sea birds create numerous colonies. There also can be found some rare and endangered species of birds, such as white-tailed eagles, sea-eagles, peregrine falcons, gyrfalcons, Aleutian terns. There are also whooping swans, sandhill cranes and waders nesting there. Parapolsky Dol is included in the List of wetlands of international importance that are protected by the Ramsar Convention 1971. Rivers and lakes of the reserve are full of fish. The nature reserve's clear waters are home for salmon and freshwater whitefish: Penzhina Cisco (Coregonus subautumnalis), teal, Siberian whitefish. The vegetation in different parts of the Koryak reserve is uneven. The main open spaces are owned by tundra where rare and endangered species are found. Contact details 688800, Kamchatka Krai, Olyutorskiy Region, Tilichiki village, Naberezhnaya Str., 8; Phone: +7 (41544) 52-3-38 E-mail: koryak1@rambler.ru

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