Stay safe: basic rules

When setting off on a trip, do not forget to take out medical insurance.
If you want to tackle a route that requires experience, contact the professionals. It is important to choose a bona fide company that has a license and will sign a contract with you.
If you have decided to embark on an independent expedition to the volcano or other remote corners of the peninsula, register with the search and rescue squad of EMERCOM of Kamchatka Territory:
Tel.: +7 (4152) 41-03-95, 27-65-60; +7 (924)-585-81-12.
If there are established routes where you are exploring, do not stray from them as you may get lost or disturb wild animals and some of them may present a serious danger.
In addition to GPS and other electronic navigation devices, carry a paper map and, if possible, a satellite phone. When you are going hiking, make sure you choose suitable clothes and shoes, carry a lighter or matches in waterproof packaging, a knife, and a basic food supply.
If you plan to raft on the river, make sure that you have the necessary skills for the difficulty level of the route, and carefully check the condition of the craft that you rent.
If there's an earthquake? Kamchatka is a earthquake-prone region. Most buildings are built with this in mind. Earthquakes with a weak magnitude are fairly common but you do not have to be afraid of them.

If there is a strong earthquake (7 points or more), you should either quickly (within 15–20 seconds) leave the building without using the elevator, or take refuge in a relatively safe place.

If you have managed to evacuate yourself onto the street, immediately move to a safe distance away from the nearest buildings and structures. Beware of broken electric wires.

If you stay indoors, stay close to the interior walls and further away from windows, as well as other glass objects, balconies, and stairs.

Call the rescue service at