Ascending: tourist note

It is not recommended to climb Kamchatka's volcanoes on your own. The best solution is the assistance of local tour operators or guides included in the federal register.
Almost all the hills of the peninsula are located within the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Nature Park, which unites five territories:
• Nalychevo Nature Park
• South Kamchatka Nature Park
• Bystrinsky Nature Park
• Klyuchevskoy Nature Park
• Kol River Reserve
Before visiting the Volcanoes of Kamchatka Nature Park you need to get permission:
Before starting, register the route in the search-and-rescue service of the Kamchatka Territory.
+7 (4152) 41-03-95,
+7 (4152) 27-65-60;
+7 (924)-585-81-12.
Before starting, check your health and level physical training. The route's complexity should match your capabilities.
Equipment list must correspond to the level of difficulty of the journey.Take with you: GPS navigator, warm clothes, water, first aid kit.
Listen to the guide, follow all the instructor's requirements, do not go AWOL.
Be ready to encounter bears. Put a noise cartridge, flare or pepper spray in an easily accessible pocket of your backpack.
Do not follow each other strictly in single file: the stone from under the foot of the person walking in front will hit the second one in the line.